Aadhaar link to mobile number date is approaching, check simple process using OTP

Aadhaar linking is mandatory to enjoy telecom services. If not, the services on your number will be stopped immediately. Dail 14546 and enter OTP to complete the verification process

Aadhaar link to mobile number

As the government made aadhaar linking to mobile number is mandatory and the last date for the aadhaar verification is approaching soon.

The last date for aadhaar verification to link to the mobile number is extended multiple times in the past months and they made 31st March as the last date to verify and link the aadhaar number with your mobile number.

After the deadline of aadhaar linking, the mobile numbers without aadhaar linking verification will not be able to use telecom services from their respective service providers. To continue the telecom services on your mobile number the aadhaar linking is mandatory.

And the government has come up with the easy step to link aadhaar to mobile number by using the OTP AND THIS OTP is considered as the digital signature of the verification for your aadhaar

Steps to linking Aadhaar to mobile number

1. Dial 14546 from your mobile number

2. Select your language as per the assistance

3. Enter your Aadhaar number (consists of 12 numbers)

4. Enter the OTP you have received

After the successful completion of this steps, you will receive a message from the service providers that your aadhaar verification request has been received and you will be informed the status in 48 hours.

Once the verification is processed you will receive a message saying that congratulation your aadhaar linking with mobile number is successful


1. Call from the number you want to link with aadhaar

2. You should keep the number that you have provided in the aadhaar (OTP will be sent to the number you have provided in aadhaar)


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