Amazon Echo Review: Smart Assistant with Advanced Skills

Amazon most recently launched Amazon Echo in India. Well, Amazon Echo is not a new name for the techy lovers as it is much popular and loved by all the tech giants. We have seen the humans as the personal assistant but this Amazon Echo can relace your personal assistant and can do more tasks than what the human can. If you are not aware of the Amazon Echo then you should definitely check out the Amazon Echo Review with buying that that helps in making a better choice.

How does Amazon Echo work?

If your question was this, then there is a sile answer for you. Amazon Echo acts as your personal assistant which works based on the cloud-based technology with the Alexa integration. It works through the power supply with the WiFi connection. All you need is the power supply to Amazon Echo and a powerful WiFi connection. It works on the process of asking a question and getting instant answers as the reply.

Amazon Echo design

It got a very sleek design and it is very comfortable to carry with the hands. The design looks much attractive with the professional finish. It looks like the small cylindrical cup with navigation buttons on the top. Amazon Echo can be easily carried out as it weighs only 821 grams.

You don’t need to bother about it balancing system because it has very good base lace and holds the body perfectly when placed on the surface. And only you never need to worry about the Amazon Echo sound quality as it comes with the seven micro hones from all the corners of the Echo. Thus, makes note of your attention and responds to your voice.

Amazon Echo working Skills

Actually, it works on the cloud-based technology with the integration of the Alexa app. Alexa supports regional languages based on the region. Amazon Echo will be updated with all the new updates collection from the world. It can tell the current positions of the cricket rankings and the famous personalities in the world. With its general knowledge, you can keep your children and yourself updated from the world matters.

It has the skills to recognise your voice and can perform the capabilities like ordering food, booking cab and also helps you find your nearest restaurants. Amazon Echo uses beam-forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation to recognise the far-field voice. Just simply say “ALEXA” and get answered instantly.

Control your home with Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo review

You can control your home by your voice with the help of the Amazon Echo. It can turn on the lights for you during the nights and also it can turn off the lights for you during the daytime. Echo can perform these tasks with the devices such as smart lights and plugs from the popular brands like Philips, SYSKA LED, Oakter, TP-Link and more.

Just say, “Alexa, turn on the lights”

Amazon Echo review

We have found that the Amazon echo is really very smart in performing your tasks with its active skills. It can also make your day happier and satisfied bu answering your questions and responding instantly. Its attractive design with lightweight load makes you easily carry the device everywhere.

Will you buy it?

Yes, I will recommend it to buy. Because there is no perfect assistant that works exactly to the Amazon Echo. And the price is also very affordable with a set of all functions.

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Hoe you found the Amazon Echo review useful and helpful. If you have any questions on Amazon Echo you can write to us through the comments section and we are hay to help you instantly. Buy it now

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