Celebrating International Beer Day Wolrdwide

International Beer Day

Hello guys, here we are having a great news for you. Today is the day to celebrate for all the beer lovers. Beer is one of most loved alcohol and it is most entertained drink worldwide. In this post, we will let you know the importance of the International beer day.

Coming to the topic the International beer day celebrated on every first Friday of August and it was first celebrated in California in 2007. It was celebrated in all the major cities of the world. If you are hearing this celebration for the very first time then you should definitely know its history.

This celebration might sound very funny and very rare feeling but behind this celebrations, there are many positive beliefs. The history of International beer day was very exciting one.

It was started at a small store with some of the friends and later on, it got good promotion and celebrated annually since 2007. Even though it was a small event, it attracted many beer lovers and made this day as the best day to enjoy with the beer. Many countries celebrate this event globally with love and care.

The main purpose of this celebration is to satisfy 3 main things that follow below

  1. To gather with friends and enjoy the beer without tensions
  2. To celebrate with all the beer servers.
  3. Unite the world, by celebrating the beer on a single day.


The one who loves beer can buy the beer and gift it to her friend or special person and celebrated. The participants are suggested to gift a beer to their friends and in return, they get a beer from friend’s side.

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Invite your friends to party and cheer them to celebrate the taste of beer and the importance of celebrating the beer day.


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