RBI to issue to New Rs 10 rupee Note with Cholocate colour

After the implementation of 500 notes and 2000 notes now RBI is ready to issue new 10 rupee note with new colour. There are many rumours on issue of 10 rupee notes and now this came into reality that soon RBI will issue 10 rupee notes.

In 2017 as the part of demonetization  1000 notes are banned and handed over to the banks and 500 notes are replaced with the new design pattern and security features. With this overnight decision government has achieved about 99 percent of the success rate on demonetization.

Now RBI has decided to redesign the lower denomination with new colours and there are many rumours spread that there will be new picture on the 10 rupee note but it does not happen.

The new 10 rupee note will come under the Gandhi series and there will be change in the colour which moved to chocolate colour.

As per the reports from News18, around 1 billion 10 rupee notes are already printed by apex bank. Before the printing process the design was approved by the government and then after the printing was started by the apex bank.

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We have seen have that RBI has changed all the currency design from the date of demonetization came into power. Started from the higher denomination now the lower denomination design pattern also changed. Soon the new 10 rupee will be issued by the RBI

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