Top 10 Interesting facts about Mars

Hello guys, hope you are having a great time and here in this post we will let you know on the Top 10 interesting facts about Mars. This topic will be much interesting because we will let you know the interesting things about mars that makes you think.

About Mars:

Just like the Earth planet there also exists a planet called Mars. It is also known as the RED PLANET due to the presence of a reddish colour. Mars is the second smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury and it is the fourth planet from the Sun

Interesting facts about Mars

1. Two Moons

Interestingly, Mars two moons and they are named Phobos and Deimos.  Phobos is the innermost and Deimos is the outer satellite of the planet Mars. The names Phobos and Deimos was derived from the Greek words in which Phobos means fear and the Deimos stands for panic

2. Weight

Your weight tends to change when compared to earth. If you weight 100 lbs on earth you would weight 38lbs on the earth (weight depends upon the mass and the gravitational force)

3. Twice the year

We experience the completion of a year with a count of 365 days. But when it comes to the mars to complete a year it would count 687 days. Which means twice the year of the earth (approximately)

4. Duration of the day

When compared to the earth, the planet Mars comes with extended hours. It comes with an extended time of about 40 minutes (approximately)

5. Different Seasons

Like that of the planet earth, the planet Mars also consists of different seasons. On the earth, we have the seasons like winter, spring, summer and fall. And the planet Mars too consists of winter, spring, summer, fall and additionally it comes with two more seasons called aphelion and perihelion

6. Can’t breathe

You can’t breathe on the planet Mars as it consists of 95% of the carbon dioxide. And we need oxygen to survive the life.

7. Survival fact

The sign of survival was indicated with the liquid flow of water. The presence of water flow gave an identity to survive. There is a presence of vapour in the atmosphere which is a sign of survival.

8. Fall of pieces

Tiny pieces of planet Mars fall on the earth due to the crashing of the planet.

9. Roman god of war

The ancient greeks god of war called Ares. The colour of the planet with blood-red colour its firing look to China’s astronomers called as the ‘fire star‘ while the Egyptian priests called it ‘Her Desher‘ which means the red one.

10. Differences on the earth and the Mars

Facts about Mars

Earth has comprised of oceans whereas the planet Mars has no liquid water and they have similar qualities when compared to its geological features and the change of seasons.

Additional fact

The study of the planet Mars is known by the rovers travelling on the planet Mars. With the help of these automated motor vehicles, the study and the observations are carried out.

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Top 10 Interesting facts about Mars

We hope that you have found the p[ost of facts about mars has helped you to know the unknown shades and secrets of the planet Mars. If we have missed out any facts on Mars you can write to us through the comments section

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