Top Most successful captain in T20 cricket

Hello guys, hope you are having a great time. Here in this post, we will let you know on the top most successful captain in T20 cricket. I think you are more curious to know the answer right, so without wasting your time I will jump on my topic to the main point.

T20 cricket is the shortest format of cricket which comprises of 20 overs match for each side. Here you can experience the sudden turning point in the match with big sixes, the flow of boundaries and even sudden fall of top-ordered batsmen and unpredictable winning shots by unexpected players.

Most Successful captain in T20 cricket

Most successful captain in T20 cricket

Here is your answer to your question. The most successful captain in T20 cricket history till the date is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In fact, his cricket career was turned out to be a big success when he grabbed the T20 world cup for team India.

With that T20 world cup winning he became the captain for team India in all the formats and lead the team with more success rate. MS Dhoni became the best captain in T20

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Dhoni became the T20 captain in the year of 2007 and lead the team till 2016 with a high success rate of 59.28%

MS Dhoni T20 captaincy record

Captained in the highest number of T20 matches in the world

Matches as captain – 72

Matches won – 41

Matches lost – 28

Success rate – 59.28%

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known as the Best finisher in the world and had hit many matches winning shots as a captain and as a player

MS Dhoni is famous for his helicopter shot

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