Why My Hands and Feet are always Cold?

This is the most common problem in almost all the age group people. I thought of writing this post when I faced the same problem. And here in this post, we will share you on the topic of Why my hands and feet are always cold I hope you find the best answer in this post.

While coming to the topic, this condition of getting cold hands and feet are not observed in a single day or two because you won’t concentrate much on this. As the time passes on you will notice that your hands and feet are always cold and then raises the question of what’s the problem and how can I get rid of it. 

When you make a decision to meet a doctor you should check whether your condition is severe or normal. Before you book an appointment for doctor check out the reasons for why my hands and feet are always cold

Reason for hands and feet getting cold

1. Blood circulation

The primary reason for getting hands and feet cold is due to the blood circulation problems. If the blood in the toes and fingers suddenly gets constrict and you will feel the cool sensation on your hands and feet as no blood passes through it. In many cases, this is the temporary problem and not the permanent one.

2. Due to temperature changes

Maintaining proper body temperature is much essential to run your body functions normally. Temperature changes are also one of the reasons for getting cold hands and feet. If the weather is too cold that you can’t handle then the blood in your body may not pass normally to fingers and toes. Cold temperature makes the blood struck and pass.

3. Due to weakness

Weakness is the main reason for many diseases and many health-related problems. Body weakness makes the body uneasy and improper functioning. Irregular blood flow can also cause cold hands and feet.


If this turns to be a serious cause and problem stands for a long time then there may be symptoms you can observe as follows:

  • Colour change
  • Reduced weight
  • Joint pains
  • Cracks in the skin

If you face the above-listed problems then you should book your appointment with your doctor and care should be taken as per the directions.

Some of the diseases arise from this symptoms

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Anemia
  • Anxiety

Do consult your doctor to get your doubts cleared

Cool hands and feet remedies

Here we will provide you with some of the tips to overcome the problem of Why my hands and feet are always cold. These tips won’t cost you much as these tips are readily available at your home itself

1. Wear socks and gloves

If you feel the sensation of getting your hands and feet cold try to wear socks and gloves for both your hands and feet. By wearing these socks and gloves you can maintain the body temperature accordingly. Heat will be generated by wearing the socks and gloves and protects you from the getting your hands and feet getting cold.

2. Rub them smoothly

This is the best practice to naturally overcome getting cold hands and feet. Gently rub your hands with smooth moments until little heat is produced from the hands and do the same with your feet.

3. Maintain dry skin

Avoid staying in the water for a long time. And do care for your skin by immediately rubbing the skin with a towel. Ensure you follow all the steps and tips to maintain good body temperature.

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Q&A on getting hands and feet cold

Q1. My feet are cold but my body warm?

Ans: Actually this situation can be seen on hands and feet due to poor blood circulation

Q2. Cool hands and feet lead to any diseases or any severe condition?

Ans: If the problem exists for a long time then it is the indication some disease

Q3. why do you feel cold in hands and feet?

Ans: It is due to poor circulation of blood in the body

Additional Tip

To overcome this problem take iron rich food because iron can improve your blood circulation. Take nutritional food which supplies proteins and nutrients to the body.

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Final Word

We hope this post had helped you in getting rid of hands and feet are always cold. If you have few more remedies to overcome this problem you can write to us through the comments section. In my opinion, hands and feet getting cold is the temporary problem which can be overcome by taking extra care. If the problem still exists after trying all these tips then you should definitely visit your doctor.

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